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THE FIVE MOST BEAUTIFUL DEMOCRAT SENATORS: People Magazine Couldn't Be Reached for Comment

To be fair, these exquisite specimens are featured on the National Journal's 15 Most Liberal Senators List. But I, for one, think they're gorgeous.

From left to right:

• Charles "Schmucky" Schumer of New York
• Chris "Smeagel" Murphy of Connecticut
• Barbara "Sweet Cheeks" Mikulski of Maryland
• Sherrod "Pockmarks" Brown of Ohio

What? The hell you say. That was only four?

My bad. Chalk it up to my public education in Chicago.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

A MUST READ: 30 Blocks of Squalor & Cigarette Taxes for the Children

By Jim Quinn

It’s that time of year again – when the little juvenile delinquents, future prison inmates, and functionally illiterate junior members of the free s*** army pick up their “free” backpacks and “free” school supplies they will never use and shuffle off to the decaying prison like schools in the City of Philadelphia to eat “free” breakfasts and “free” lunches, while being taught government sanctioned pablum by overpaid mediocre union teachers.

It’s a repeat of every year for the Phila school district. As the school year approaches they are shocked to report a massive deficit and beg the State of PA for more funding. The $12,000 per child simply isn’t enough, even though Parochial schools provide ten times the education for $9,000 per child. The district has a slight $80 million deficit this year. Last year they had a $100 million deficit and the mayor proposed a soda tax to fill the gap. It was defeated, so they raised property taxes instead. Mayor Nutter’s name is fitting. He is just another in a long line of Democratic mayors who have ruled Philadelphia since the 1950′s and whose policies of welfare handouts for their voting base paid for by taxing the producers, has resulted in a population decline from 2.1 million in 1950 to 1.5 million today. Doug Casey captures the essence of Philly with this definition:

Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy): a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

The liberal solution to an ever decreasing tax base and an ever growing level of benefits for the free s*** army and government union drones, is to increase taxes on the few remaining producers. They then flee the city, leaving fewer producers to tax. Rinse and repeat. Your neighborhoods then look like this.

UNREAL: Gov. Jerry Brown Reveals That California Has Just Seceded From the Union and is Now Part of Mexico

No, I'm not joking.

On Monday evening, California Governor Jerry Brown said all Mexicans, including illegal immigrants, are welcome in California.

According to the Los Angeles Times, while introducing Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, who said America is "the other Mexico," Brown "spoke about the interwoven histories of Mexico and California." He "nodded to the immigrants in the room, saying it didn't matter if they had permission to be in the United States."

"You're all welcome in California," Brown reportedly said.

Brown has made California a sanctuary state by signing the Trust Act and giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. He has also expanded financial aid to illegal immigrants by signing the California DREAM Act. Peña Nieto reportedly "thanked state officials for embracing foreigners, citing measures that extend state benefits to immigrants."

Even during the border crisis, Brown reportedly vowed "to find ways to shorten long waits at the Tijuana-San Diego international border crossing," saying, "If we can put a man on the moon, we can put a man from Mexico to California in 20 minutes."

In 2012, 28% of Californians were born outside the United States, according to The New York Times. Hispanic voters reportedly "made up 19.2% of California voters" in 2010. And according to Pew Research, Latinos make up nearly 40% of the state's population and have made California "only the second state, behind New Mexico, where whites are not the majority and Latinos are the plurality."

Even though the University of California has admitted a record number of Hispanics, the Latino Caucus has vowed to make affirmative action and bilingual education top legislative priorities.

Read the last two paragraphs again. It's true: California has seceded to Mexico. It's as if Matt Bracken's tremendous novel Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista (the second of his awesome Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy) is clairvoyant non-fiction.

Isn't it interesting: the Supreme Court ruled that Arizona couldn't enforce federal immigration law because it claimed that the Executive Branch has so-called "plenary authority".

Yet progressive loons like Jerry Brown can rewrite federal statutes and annex an entire state to a foreign country?

This Democrat Party is completely out of control. It has succeeded in its century-long quest to fundamentally transform destroy our form of government.

Hat tip: Mark Levin.

REVEALED: EPA developed secret map to claim oversight of puddles, ponds, and farm runoff

By Rob Port

BISMARCK, N.D. — A map developed by the EPA and released to a U.S. House committee investigating controversial proposed water regulations should have citizens concerned, says U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer.

A farm group in North Dakota is calling the maps a “gall darn can of worms.”

“It is certainly alarming the EPA would develop these maps in secret and only release them after being confronted by members of Congress,” Cramer, a Republican, said in a news release accompanying his office’s release of the maps. “The EPA has been hiding information which could upset the public and jeopardize its massive power grab of unprecedented authority over private and public water.”

The maps were released by the EPA to the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, on which Cramer serves. One map shows perennial bodies of water in blue and intermittent bodies of water in yellow. A second regional map including North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah uses blue to show each state’s “wetlands inventory.”

On that map, nearly the entire state of North Dakota is in blue.

Critics of the proposed rule have suggested the EPA intends to use it to expand regulation far beyond permanent bodies of water to lands that hold water only some of the time.

“It doesn’t take much of a leap to conclude these highly detailed maps developed with taxpayer funds are for the purpose of enforcing this rule,” Cramer said.

Larwyn's Linx: No "executive order" needed: Eric Holder finds wide-open backdoor to amnesty

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QOTD: "No government intrusion in our lives is more direct, personal and threatening than Obamacare’s intrusion in the care of our own health.

But Obamacare will harm us on a broader scale, as the underlying nature of the health law’s provisions, and the tactics used to implement them, affect all areas of public and business policy.

The suppression of liberty in health care choices will take all privacy down with it. Tight government control of electronic medical records–which used to be private–seems a minor contribution to the destruction of the Fourth Amendment compared to the seizure of everyone’s communications with everybody, without individual court orders based on probable cause.

How can we protest loss of privacy in any communications when we must surrender it for our medical records?" --Richard E. Ralston

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TOON O' THE DAY: ISIS Threatens the U.S.

Via the extraordinarily talented Stilton Jarlsberg:

Oh, and some bonus Stilton: a recipe for awesome Labor Day frozen treats:

WTH? China advances idea of supersonic submarine

Well, this rather far-fetched notion would appear to be a game-changer.

China reportedly wants to enter the world of supersonic transport – under the water.

Rather than working up its own successor-to-Concorde project, the South China Morning Post says scientists at Harbin Institute of Technology's Complex Flow and Heat Transfer Lab are working on developing a technique called supercavitation, first pursued by the Soviet military during the Cold War.

...Supercavitation refers to giving the vessel a bubble to travel in, reducing the drag of water. In the SCMP diagram, the vessel is shown ejecting gas at its nose to maintain the bubble. This demands a high-speed launch to generate the air bubble in the first place, unless there's some way to let a vessel start slow but accelerate to supercavitating speeds.

That's the bit the Chinese boffins reckon they've dealt with: their vessel covers itself with a liquid membrane at launch to deal with water drag at low speed. The membrane will wear away, but that doesn't matter so long as the sub can get to a high enough speed to generate its own air bubble.

The group also says its approach provides a way to steer the vessel: the liquid membrane can manage drag on one side or the other to change directions. “By combining liquid-membrane technology with supercavitation, we can significantly reduce the launch challenges and make cruising control easier,” says Harbin professor Li Fengchen in the story.

If a vessel could exceed the speed of sound underwater – around 5,800 km/h, which is no mean feat to start with – it would travel from Shanghai to San Francisco in around 100 minutes.

I'm no physicist, but displacing that amount of water for that length of time would seem to be a tad beyond man's reach at the moment.

Hat tip: BadBlue Tech.

COEXIST: Multiculturalism and political correctness behind sexual abuse of 1,400 girls

Donald Douglas relays the horrifying story from England and Robert Spencer adds the executive summary: all cultures aren't equal.

You can write that as the epitaph of Great Britain. The British government kowtowed to Islamic supremacists “for fear of being thought as racist.” The British government hounded counter-jihadists domestically and banned ones from the U.S. from entering the country “for fear of being thought as racist.” The British government worked with Islamic supremacists it mistook for “moderates” “for fear of being thought as racist.” The British government funded liars who exaggerated claims of Muslim victimhood “for fear of being thought as racist.” The British government for years ignored an Islamic supremacist takeover of public schools “for fear of being thought as racist.”

As Britain collapses into inevitable chaos, civil war, and jihad in the streets, Blair, Cameron, May and the rest, and all the dreary Sarah Browns (one of the proprietors of the Leftist dhimmi hate site Harry’s Place) among their dreary, dreary supporters, can congratulate themselves that as they bring down a once-great civilization upon their own heads, at least no one will think that they were “racist.”

America appears headed down the same dismal road. In the aftermath of the Fort Hood mass murders in 2009, with 14 dead (including an unborn child) and many more wounded, Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey reminded us that, "What happened at Fort Hood was a tragedy, but it would be an even greater tragedy, if our diversity becomes a casualty here."

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


By James Simpson

The Conservative Treehouse has done yeoman's work exposing the Obama administration's many machinations over the manufactured border crisis. In a report published at Accuracy in Media earlier this month, I described how the Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) program of the Department of Health and Human Services has exploded, spending almost $700 million so far this year, more than double that of 2013. Much of the information described in that report was initially dug up by the Treehouse.

As we described in the report, many of these "children" were not in fact children, but young men and women, many of whom were gang members or being actively recruited by gangs. Largely unreported were the 200,000 plus illegal alien families accompanying these youths. The Treehouse has now uncovered evidence of deliberate manipulation of the UAC numbers conducted by the Obama administration.

The U.S. Border Patrol has reported apprehension of 57,525 UACs in 2014, almost double the 2013 number. However another agency, the Executive Office for Immigration Review is tasked with actually confirming these numbers. It counts a total of 20,814, only slightly more than 2013, (20,778), and once again, most of these are not the young children the media has been showing heart-rending photos of. The fact is that there is no crisis of young, unaccompanied children flooding the border. There are entire families flooding the border.

Larwyn's Linx: Will IRS’s Strategy of Destroying Evidence Pay Off?

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Image: Hezbollah Has Seized and Murdered Hostages, But Condemns Foley Killing
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QOTD: "Imagine that President Obama, immediately after his re-election, assembled a sort of reverse bucket list--an enumeration of the things he least wanted to do in his second term. What's on the list? By our reckoning the top two entries are obvious: 1. Sign legislation repealing ObamaCare. 2. Go to war in Iraq.

Now imagine that Lois Lerner had never been born and Obama narrowly lost in 2012. Fast-forward to the summer of 2014, and President Romney is facing the ISIS crisis. Romney announces U.S. air strikes in Iraq and demands that other countries cooperate: "From governments and peoples across the Middle East there has to be a common effort to extract this cancer, so that it does not spread."

Is there any doubt this would be contentious as hell? Democrats would denounce Romney as a war monger and accuse him of squandering one of Obama's "great achievements," the successful withdrawal from Iraq, by allowing the situation there to deteriorate so as to provide a pretext for military intervention. War protesters would fill the streets of American and foreign cities. Prominent leftists would denounce Romney--who avoided the Vietnam-era draft thanks to student and ministerial deferments--as a "chicken hawk." Opposition to the new Iraq war would mobilize the left, creating the prospect of a Democratic wave in November." --James Taranto

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CRACKPOT "JOURNALIST" ED KILGORE SHOWS SOME ANKLE: Cheerleads the modern equivalent of fascist book burnings

Ed Kilgore -- if that is his real name -- is allegedly a journalist working at the execrable Washington Monthly. His claim to fame is a startling resemblance to Gollum, though without that creature's smooth complexion and strong chin.

Genuine reporter Warner Todd Huston relays news that Kilgore has a solution to the ongoing ratings disaster at NBC's Meet the Hindenburg Press. Kilgore's brainstorm involves -- wait for it -- fewer Republican voices and even more radical Lefists. Genius!

We already know that the fascist, authoritarian left wants to ban anyone and anything they don’t agree with. But usually they have the good sense not to say so out loud for fear that people will realize they are fascist authoritarians. But one “journalist” finally admitted the truth.

Left-winger Ed Kilgore, who blogs for Washington Monthly magazine, made to comment on the new ideas that NBC has for revamping Meet The Press when Chuck Todd takes over the venerable Sunday political show (Todd himself is an old Democrat operative, by the way).

In his August 25 post entitled, “Who Should Be Banned as Panelists For the New ‘Meet?’,” Kilgore notes that NBC president Deborah Turness is saying that she wants to have a panel of journalists question each guest as a sort of “coffeehouse conversation.”
Turness imagines that this will bring “more edge” to the long running Sunday political show. Kilgore thinks this is a terrible idea. Why? Because *gasp* that panel might have conservatives on it.

So, Kilgore has a solution for this conservative “problem.” He thinks NBC should ban all conservatives as panelists...

If Turness is serious about this, we need to organize a grassroots campaign to ask that certain journalists be permanently banned from the panel of Meet The Press, or we’ll boycott the damn thing ab initio. I’d start with Peggy Noonan, Bill Kristol, David Gergen, David Brooks and George Will. Even at their best, they’ve all gotten more airtime than their shaky talents merit. But I’m sure you have dozens more who deserve the Meet Ban. Fire away in the comment thread.

Now that is how we know all liberals think. They don’t want the free and open exchange of political ideas that the founders dreamed of when they crafted the Bill Of Rights. No, all liberals are fascists at heart and given the power they would ban all opposing views.

Kilgore's advocacy for virtual book burnings is surprising only because it pulls back the curtain on the totalitarian mindset endemic to the modern Democrat Party.

Kilgore would have been at home in the old Soviet Union organizing pogroms or as a wannabe-Sturmbannführer harrassing Jews and other political undesirables in the street.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

SHELL GAME: The Real Tactics of the Federal Reserve

By Lee Cary

Janet Yellen’s August 22, 2014 speech at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Symposium held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming was a verbal shell game with an invisible pea.

The first paragraph in Yellen’s speech began with this sentence: “In the five years since the end of the Great Recession, the economy has made considerable progress in recovering from the largest and most sustained loss of employment in the United States since the Great Depression.”

Then, the first paragraph ended with the admission that “…five years after the end of the recession, the labor market has yet to fully recover.”

Many of the remaining 3,450 words she spoke refuted the claim of “considerable progress” and turned over multiple shells in search of the pea that explains why the labor market has not “fully” recovered.

The pea remains invisible.

In her penultimate paragraph, Yellen stated that, although labor market conditions have “improved more rapidly [rapid after five years?] than the Committee [Federal Open Market Committee, or FOMC] had anticipated,” “Of course, if economic performance turns out to be disappointing and progress toward our goals proceeds more slowly than we expect, the future path of interest rates likely would be more accommodative [read “lower”] than we currently anticipate.”

Throughout her speech, Yellen used “if,” “might,” “may,” and “could” a total of 58 times. (The saying, “If my aunt had a moustache, she’d be my uncle” is only disputed by those with aunts who have moustaches.)

CROOKS AND LIARS: Lois Lerner's Emails Exist -- and Always Have

By James Simpson

The Obama administration is now admitting that IRS Exempt Organizations Director Lois Lerner's emails, and all other "lost" IRS records for that matter, have not been destroyed. They are backed up, as are all other government records. To claim as the Obama administration originally did, that the emails were destroyed, is a bald-faced lie. We all always knew that of course. But there is nothing this administration won't do to change the subject when its shenanigans are uncovered. Now that they have been backed into a corner, they say it is too much trouble to recover the information. Another lie. To suggest that these backup systems are incapable of finding records is ludicrous. If records can't be recovered, why preserve them?

Judicial Watch is the organization that forced the Obama administration's hand. This group has been successfully fighting Obama administration obstruction on many fronts. JW President Tom Fitton stated:

This is a jaw-dropping revelation. The Obama administration had been lying to the American people about Lois Lerner’s missing emails. There are no “missing” Lois Lerner emails – nor missing emails of any of the other top IRS or other government officials whose emails seem to be disappearing at increasingly alarming rate. All the focus on missing hard drives has been a diversion. The Obama administration has known all along where the email records could be – but dishonestly withheld this information. You can bet we are going to ask the court for immediate assistance in cutting through this massive obstruction of justice.

While the records exist and always have, it has now been revealed that Lerner destroyed her cell phone after learning she would be forced to appear before Congress. The IRS has admitted that the phone would have had the same emails that would have been on her computer hard drive that allegedly "crashed" and was later destroyed by the IRS. There needs to be serious criminal charges here.

The elections of 2014 and 2016 will determine the fate of this nation. We can't survive this level of corruption and deceit much longer, and a Hillary Clinton administration would quickly finish the job of destroying America that Obama has started.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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QOTD: "While Obama golfed: Over the weekend, Tripoli Airport fell to the jihad boys. I was there some years ago, and thought it compared favorably with, say, Logan. Now it's a smoking ruin - part of the blowback from Obama's leading with his behind, or whatever he calls it. As things stand, this guy will end his presidency with a chain of failed states for al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, al-Shabaab, ISIS and the Taliban to gambol and frolic in stretching from West Africa to the Hindu Kush. But you can't see them from Martha's Vineyard, so who cares?" --Mark Steyn